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About Kamen Wiping Materials

  • Founded in 1896 and located at the geographical center of the United States, Kamen Wiping Materials is positioned to serve every area of the country efficiently and economically.
  • Large, comprehensive inventories allows for a fast turnaround on all orders.
  • Kamen processes more than 50 grades of high-quality, knit and woven wipers. We provide expertise and individual attention to help you select the right products for your particular cleaning, wiping, polishing or absorption needs.
  • Kamen also offers a wide selection of industry respected, cloth and paper wipers. We have a wiper designed as a practical solution to your wiping needs.  Our wipers also offer an economical supplement or replacement to towel rental programs.
  • Kamen’s commitment to quality is evidenced in every box and bag you open.  All of the cloth wipers are a consistent and usable size of material.
  • 800 pound per load washer-extractors and 1600 pound per hour, tilt-loading dryers can clean, sanitize and package tons of wipers every day.
  • Kamen also has available private label capabilities on all cloth wiper packaging allowing you to put your company name and logo on each box or bag. Also other type information can be added such as bar codes, color coding, or specific instructions for use unique to your operation.
  • Our quality and customer satisfaction are standards you can rely on. They are backed by Kamen’s unconditional product guarantee.
  • Kamen is one of the few sources you can call for technical data on specific wiping materials. We can supply laboratory reports on our cloth wipers for extractable matter, silicone content, PH, absorption rate, and lint.
  • If you need wipers that are non-abrasive, anti-static, low lint, snag resistant, hydrophilic, isotropic or wipers made with processes such as thermal bonding, spun bonding, spun lace, hydro-entangled, or any other fabric – call Kamen Wiping Materials.

Our People Make A Difference

Kamen personnel are specialists in the wiping materials industry, and can help you with consultation concerning any wiping, cleaning, polishing or absorption need. If you need special attention for a particular wiping problem we invite you to call us at 1-800-835-2912 or contact us by email at

If we don’t have the answer, we will make it our job to find the answer for you.

Integrity, Value & Service

Kamen has been providing cloth wipers too many types of industries for over 120 years. Integrity in our business practices, Value in our Kamen cloth wipers, and Service to our valued customers every day are why we have been in business for well over a century.

When you need wiping material, reach for a Kamen cloth wipe and you will have quality in your hand every time.