New & Reclaimed Cloth Wipers

Every Kamen wiper is 100% usable and will do the job you expect it to do. Packaged in 1lb bags, 2.5lb bags, 4 and 8 lb compressed block bags, 4 and 8 lb compressed block cartons and standard cartons, 22.5lb standard cartons and 46lb and 50lb standard cartons. All weights are net weights.
All cloth wipers are available in 4lb., 8lb., 22.5lb. and 46lb. cartons. Also available in 1 .lb, 2 1/2 .lb poly bags as well as our compressed 4lb. and our new 8lb compressed poly bag “Block of Rags”. All weights are net weights. Every wiper is a good usable, approximately 20″ x 20″.


All our new wipers are washed in a proprietary 165 degree cleaning solution, sanitized and dried in the industry’s most modern state of the art laundry.  We double check them to guarantee you get the cleanest, softest and most absorbent wipers.
#41 New White Knit Wipers, Select

New creamy white cotton knit material. Kamen’s nationally famous smooth painter’s wiper. 9-10 wipers per pound.

#43 New 100% Cotton Creamy White Knit Wipers

Highly absorbent, smooth, soft, creamy white color. Kamen’s most popular aerospace wiper. 9-10 wipers per pound.

#30 New Desert Tan Knit

New polo knit in shades of tan. Great for painters and even better for staining. 6-7 wipers per pound.

#31B New Bleached Colored Knit Wipers

New polo knit bleached to lighter shades to improve color fastness. 6-7 wipers per pound.

#32 New Gray Polo Knit Wipers

New premium gray colored polo knit. All shades of gray. 7-8 wipers per pound.

#39 New Super White Knit Wipers

Smooth white knit. Contains 97% cotton and 3% lycra. 5-6 wipers per pound.

#44 New Special White Knit

A great 50/50 mix of our better & best white knit wiper. A great mix for painters. 8-9 wipers per pound.

#45 New Looped Knit

New white looped knit wiper. Sometimes called French Terry. Looped on one side and smooth on one side. A great dual purpose wiper. 5-6 wipers per pound.

#40 New White Knit Wipers

A mixture of textured white knit. Economy and performance in one wiper. 9-10 wipers per pound.

#38w New White Terry Barmops

New grade “B” terry barmops with finished edges. Some slight weaving imperfections. Good all purpose wiper. Highly absorbent and machines washable. 9-10 wipers per pound.

#125 New White Cotton Shop Towels

Towels made of 100% cotton, undyed, with hemmed edges. Washed (size 14″x14″), bleached and ready to use. 10-11 wipers per pound.

#94 New Colored Fleeced Knit Wipers

Very soft and absorbent colored fleeced material. Good grease and oil wiper. 6-7 wipers per pound.

#160 New White Fleeced Knit Wipers

These wipers are bleached to bright white and are very soft and absorbent. Excellent for waxing and polishing. 6-7 wipers per pound.


These maintenance, industrial and janitorial wipers combine the best in durability with a high cotton content at the most economical price levels. Made from recycled textiles, these rags not only help to clean your office or factory, but also help the environment by keeping them out of the landfills. For all of your oil and grease, dirt and grime or liquid spill clean-up.
#37 Turkish Wipers

Turkish toweling garments cut to wiper size. Most popular oilfield wiper. 7-8 wipers per pound.

#38 Special Turkish Wipers

Every piece is a hand towel or bath towel cut to wiper size. Washed, sanitized and absorbent. Good oilfield wiper. 5-6 wipers per pound.

#16 Huck Towel

Approximately Size 15″x20″. Low linting, washed and sanitized. Absorbent and reusable. Hemmed edges, no rips or holes. 7-8 wipers per pound.

#20 White Flannel Wipers

Very absorbent white woven cotton wiper. Washed and sanitized. Cut to wiper size. 7-8 wipers per pound.

#18 Special White Wipers

White woven bed sheeting, kitchen towels and tablecloths washed and cut. Economy grade. 8-9 wipers per pound.

#57 50/50 Blend of#37 Turkish and #65 Reclaimed Sweatshirt Material

Good blend for oilfield wipers.

#61 Reclaimed white T-Shirts with Printing

Cut to Wiper size, washed, sanitized, and absorbent.

#65 Reclaimed Colored Sweatshirt Material

Very inexpensive product for heavy industrial cleaning.

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