Oil Field Wipers

Supplying the largest oilfield supply companies in the nation we can address your needs in the oilfield with products that get the job done right. Let us be your single supplier for wiping rags as well as sorbent products.

Being right in the middle of the “oil patch” positions Kamen to offer fast turnarounds on all your needs. Let us be your single supplier for wiping rags as well as sorbent products.

#37 Turkish Wipers

Turkish toweling garments cut to wiper size. Most popular oilfield wiper. 7-8 wipers per pound.

#38 Special Turkish Wipers

Every piece is a hand towel or bath towel cut to wiper size. Washed, sanitized and absorbent. Good oilfield wiper. 5-6 wipers per pound.

#38W New White Terry Barmops

New grade “B” terry barmops with finished edges. Some slight weaving imperfections. Good all purpose wiper. Highly absorbent and machines washable. 9-10 wipers per pound.

#65 Reclaimd Colored Sweatshirt With Print

Most economical oilfield wiper. Highly absorbent, holds lots of fluid. 8-9 wipers per pound.

#20 White Flannel Wipers

Very absorbent white woven cotton wiper. Washed and sanitized. Cut to wiper size. 7-8 wipers per pound.

#22 Reclaimed Colored Cloth Wipers

Wipers made from lightweight assorted colored knit garments. Most economical wiper. 6-7 Wipers per pound.

#16 Huck Towel

Approximately Size 15″x20″. Low linting, washed and sanitized. Absorbent and reusable. Hemmed edges, no rips or holes. 7-8 wipers per pound.

#31B New Bleached Colored Knit Wipers

New polo knit bleached to lighter shades to improve color fastness. 6-7 wipers per pound.

#40 New White Knit Wipers

A mixture of textured white knit. Economy and performance in one wiper. 9-10 wipers per pound.

#41 New White Knit Wipers, Select

New creamy white cotton knit material. Kamen’s nationally famous smooth painter’s wiper. 9-10 wipers per pound.

#94 New Colored Fleeced Knit Wipers

Very soft and absorbent colored fleeced material. Good grease and oil wiper. 6-7 wipers per pound.

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