Disposable Garments

From shoe covers to bouffant caps and everything in between Kamen has you covered. With our full line of Tyvek, Polypropylene, Tychem QC, etc., you won’t have to go far for all your protective garment needs.



The most popular material for disposable garments is Tyvek. It provides excellent strength and repels most chemicals, acids, dirt and grime. It is neither film, woven fabric, nor paper, but it combines the best qualities of all three to make a light weight, low cost, durable garment. The illustrations below show our full line of Tyvek apparel.

Tychem QC

Tychem QC takes the superior protection of tyvek and adds a barrier film that provides an increased ability to repel liquids. This comfortable, lightweight and durable garments are used in a variety of industries including; petroleum refining, pulp and paper mills, food processing and general manufacturing. Available in yellow color for high visibility. The illustrations below show our full line of Tychem QC apparel.

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