Kamen Wiping Materials Co. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality wiping material products supplying every industry and shipping world wide.


Located in the geographical center of the United States, Wichita Kansas, Kamen is positioned to serve every area of the United States efficiently and economically. Kamen processes more than 50 grades of high quality cloth wipers and distributes many types of paper and non-woven wipers.  So, whatever your industry happens to be Kamen will have the right wiper for your processes.  From aerospace, oilfield, manufacturing or high tech critical task, Kamen will be able to satisfy your needs.


Supplying Boeing, Spirit, Hawker-Beechcraft, Learjet and many other manufacturers and MRO’s around the world. We at Kamen are experienced in the aerospace industry.  Supplying products that meet or exceed specifications such as AMS-3819, BMS15-5 and many other aerospace and military specifications.

Painters Rags and Sundries

All Painters’ Rags are available in 4lb., 8lb., 22.5lb. and 46lb. cartons. Also available in 1 .lb, 2 1/2 .lb poly bags as well as our compressed 4lb. and our new 8lb compressed poly bag “Block of Rags”. All weights are net weights.

Oil Field and Energy

Supplying some of the largest oilfield supply companies in the nation we can address your needs in the oilfield with products that get the job done right. Let us be your single supplier for wiping rags as well as sorbent products.

Composites and Fiberglass

Kamen has been supplying products to the aerospace community for over 100 years. Now that this industry is moving to more and more composite materials Kamen has selected several products to fit this industries needs.  Here are many of the products that we supply to that market.


Kamen can help keep you afloat with its many products for the marine industry. Give us a call we can help.

Manufacturing & Industrial

No matter what Industry or manufacturing process you are involved with, we have all the products you need.

Janitorial & Maintenance

Kamen stocks all the products you need for every wiping and cleaning job. From the standard cotton wipers to the specialized microfibers we have every wiper for the job.