Wichita, Kansas Established in 1896

Founder:    Sam Kamen

1896 – Sam Kamen originally established the Kamen Iron & Metal Co. in Wichita back in 1896 and handled only scrap metal, waste paper and old rags.

1932 – The wiping cloth division was spun off, incorporated as Kamen Wiping Materials Co. by Leo Rothenberg and specialties were restricted to textiles.

1974 – The corporation was purchased by Leonard and Ivonne Goldstein. Ivonne was the granddaughter of Sam Kamen, Leo and Helen’s niece.  Ivonne passed away at the age of at the age of 82 in 2009. She is survived at the time of this writing by her husband Leonard and three children.

2004 – Leonard and Ivonne made the decision to enlarge the operation by adding 8000 sq ft of new building for a total of 25,000 sq ft today.  Also at the same time they installed state of the art washers and dryers.

2009 – The decision was made to sell the business as Leonard and Ivonne were getting on in years.  In February of 2009 the business was sold to Southwest Paper Company of Wichita.

Today – Kamen has been the supplier of wiping material to many industries over the years such as paint and paint sundries, aerospace, oilfield supply, janitorial and many others.
The firm deals in wiping cloths, towels, non-wovens, polishing cloths, mill ends and knits, paper, non-woven cloth, lint-free and some reclaimed products.
Kamen’s customers include the 48 states and we recently have begun shipping internationally to Europe and Hong-Kong.